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you're not Cinderella, so don't forget your shoes

21 January 1992
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Hello goodmornin' my lonely soldiers and how might I help you today? What's that? You'd like me to stop talking to myself because I'm creeping you out? Well, fuck you out the nose, baby, I don't roll that way.

I don't like asparagus, attention-seekers, awkward silences, boring MMORPGs, close-mindedness, elitists who haven't earned it, finding out my proportions suck when I'm drawing, getting Rickrolled by people who suck, having a limited amount of CTRL+Zs, idiot lies, inside jokes that seem forced and weak, know-it-alls who haven't earned it, lag, lame writing, losing face, Maplestory, people who don't know how to help themselves, people who haven't earned it and think they have, people who quote themselves, shams, the way paper doesn't fold like paper when you want it to, when people call themselves "nice" or "random", whiny artists, and xylophones.

I like earning stuff, hearing acoustic guitar, and mint chocolate.

My personal policy of personal perspicacity is an amalgam of analecta: apologizing for your truth is apologizing for your self; explaining your motives is an act of futility, and, as such, both are due only to the deserved reservers. Here's what you deserve-- living is learning, always. You are the sum of your combined experiences.